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Default Re: Doom 3 pre-rendered "dynamic shadows" ?

Originally Posted by Nv40
nice pictures..

anyone that says that softshadows are the "future" that hardedge shadows (stencil shadows) have no future.. show them this picture..

it clearly shows that real shadows are not limited to one way or another .they can be soft or hardedge(just like Doom3) or both ways in the same area ,just like the photo. Hardedge in the ground and "soft" behind the hill . notice the pitch black of the shadows. it all depends on the enviroment and how the light behaves there.
here is the problem with that pictures vis a vis doom 3... I am standing with teh light source not 2 feet from the object in question and its casting a shadow on a background several feet away...

the nasa shots concern a light source that is a heck of a lot farther away than a coupla feet therefore it is presumed that any shadows cast will be of this nature (ie with sharp edges)

the shots I have taken have at least 2 other light sources... were this to be the same case with the nasa shot than it would automatically have a slightly more diffused look to the edges...

wrt this topic I don't think its a big controversy or anything... I asked a genuine question from what I had seen in the game in a coupla spots... I assumed it to be more widespread than it really was and subsequent gameplay has proven this...

however it does indeed appear STILL that there are a few situations the shadows don't appear to be rendered correctly/or diffused correctly...
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