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Default Re: Doom 3 pre-rendered "dynamic shadows" ?

you sure about that

you know that one scientist guy with the light that guides you across the dark area... he has light shining through his arms

you can also see some NPC's Sam Fisher like 3 dot headset thingers through the edges of walls and stuff...

wrt to lighting there is no doubt they have paid attention to it

the areas where a lot of the NPC's jump out of are pitch black and the shadowing and textures look brilliant when looking @ it

I have not been too impressed with the bump-mapping other than those funkeh creatures in that one room (the worms hanging downall over) and one other bugger that looked like that... reminded me of the pipes and rocks in far cry

however the atmosphere is really good...

btw someone suggested wrt the flashlight that you can have it attached to the shotgun or something?

is this true?
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