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here is the long and the short of what happens in multihead layouts with nvidia's cards... FIRST in xinerama... only your first SCREEN(and yes if its a twinview screen then both of them) will have 3d acceleration... on all the rest of the screens, all opengl windows will appear BLACK!!!... SECOND if you don't use xinerama(i personally don't) then you can use opengl on each screen individually...

Just a note... I have most of the code done for a basic opengl splitter (or i guess you would call it a chunker? ) but it will not run PROPERLY in windows because then the old app(assuming its a game) would not have control of the mouse/cursor... But it would work in linux... But in all honesty, there isn't much demand for something like that... Most people just want it to work with xinerama... whereas this COULD NOT work with xinerama

- r0gu3
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