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I'm using Redhat 7.3 (Just fyi, the problem also occurs, in the exact same form, under Redhat 7.2, so I'm pretty certain I have a hardware problem that I would, nevertheless, like to work around)

Anyway, I've attached the XFree86.0.log file, and here's what the .xsession-errors file states:

aumix: error opening mixer

The hard lock error had better not be due to attempting to open the audio mixer! Anyway, I was unable to find the .gnomerc-errors file, or anything similar.

What's with Linux and these smart-ass remarks? Just noticed this in the log file:
(II) do I need RAC? No, I don't.

Somehow I get the feeling that those that program for Linux have a disdain for other OS's...which shall remain nameless....of course, it might be something else...I have no idea what RAC is, but it sure sounds like a snide jab...
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