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Default Doom 3 alpha looks better than final?

I know I know the leaked e3 mess does in no way represent the final game at all. And I know I can't post screenies of ye old 2002 alpha but do some of you think that the alpha looked better graphically than the final?
Yes it's framerate was hellish and it was really really buggy, but it looked to me that more stencil shadows were being applied, and that they moved more with the light. Remember the bathroom scene in the alpha where the monster is eating the zombie guys stomach out? the shadows swayed a lot on that scene and were really impressive. For some reason in the final game the shadows don't seem to sway as much...they "seem" more static to me for some reason. I'm only in the first couple level's of the Final Game so I don't know if this kind of scene still happens.
I noticed in the alpha that on the doomguy's head stencil shadows were on his whole face, but in the final I guess Carmack decided to simply use a normal map shadowing technique for skin. It does look a lot smoother I suppose.
I wish I could post side by side screenshots to illustrate my point but I won't. And even if I did I don't even have a point since the old demo was leaked and I should never see it anyway.
I haven't heard anyone talk about this since the game was released, and maybe I'm a fool for posting all this, but as a geek it is interesting to compare the Before and After of the game's shadowing techniques as it evolved.
Do those with the alpha think that it looks higher quality than the final?
Do you like the techniques of the final are better. (I like the 60-100fps myself lol)
Anyway's a wierd thread.
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