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Default Re: Xorg, Nvidia -> black screen of death.

So what hardware are you running on, and what video card? Maybe if enough people would speak up we can start to narrow the issue down.

Several co-workers are building the same box as I have. One has his up and running using the latest Suse version with a 5700 Ultra card. It's working perfectly fine - even under AGP (I had him send me everything in /proc/drivers/nvidia/agp to verify it).

I have tried multiple kernel versions, all the solutions posted that work for everyone else (disable USB2, etc), and everything else I can think of (reset the BIOS, disable this, enable that). No go.

Running strace on the X process didn't do any good (at least as far as I can tell). The only last suggestion a coworker said is to alter the xorg code and sprinkle out debug messages in it. I haven't tried that yet. I'm hoping to get a response from nvidia (but not holding out much hope).

Anyhow, I'm running on a Tyan K8W board (single CPU right now) with a GeForce FX 5700.
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