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Default Re: Doom 3 alpha looks better than final?

Originally Posted by Edge
Yes, self-shadowing seems to be disabled by default in the full version, however from what I hear there is a way to turn it on. If I'm not mistaken there was a user-made "ultra-high quality mode" setting that changed a few things, including enabling self-shadowing.

Also I noticed in the alpha that there were a few rendering anomalies with the self shadowing system (like the shadow seemed "broken" on a few of the polygons), perhaps this is why it was disabled in the full version?
there are..selfshadowing does cause broken looking shadows on the character's face..maybe that was a reason for turning it off. I would still like to enable to it.
where is this ultra high quality mode setting hack? I would love to try it!
And putting player shadows at from "0" to "1" does not enable self just makes your character cast a shadow.
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