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Default Some answers for yor questions..

2. MP3s: The basic player that comes with Linux for some reason will not let me play MP3s, when I load an MP3 the browser on Audio Player doesnt show the mp3 and when I press play it opens the file directories again :/ Any way of solving that?
This is easy. See this link for explanations and download the file xmms-mpg123-1.2.7-13.i386.rpm and you are done.

[i]3. Java VM: On windows before you can use Java on a website you have to download Java Virtual Machine. Ive tried to go on to Java sites and by the looks of it needs the same. Where would I get it or do I already have it and need to config it?[/b]
As someone suggested, you need java-plugin for Mozilla browser. (redhat8 does no more include netscape) It is downloadable from in Java2 JRE package. If you also want to write Java programs, make sure to download Java2 JDK instead JRE.

[i]5. Is there anyway that I can get my fonts from windows to linux, then how would I install them?[/b]
This is also easy, but this method works only in RedHat 8.0. Collect all fonts from your windows machine (files names fontname.ttf) and/or download more truetype fonts from web sites. Then copy all these *.ttf files in your home directory under a directory named ".fonts". (My fonts collection is for example under "/home/luigi/.fonts/") Then log out (restart X) and you are done. The only problem is that Mozilla will not use these fonts but other applications will. The support for these fonts in mozilla is already implemented, you will find it from next redhat version, or see for more information. (the keywords are "xft" and "gtk2")

I hope I could provide some useful tips. Have fun with Linux!

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