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Default GF 5600U locks up X while gaming

Hello, im having some issues with a new Inno3D GF 5600U

Im running Debian unstable on a EPOX 8K3A+ (VIA Apollo KT333 + VT8233A) Athlon XP 1800+ with 256mb PC2700 + 256mb PC3200 clocked at PC2700. I have a 350W PSU that powers the mobo 3 PCI and 5 harddrives. Kernel is 2.6.8rc3 and driver is 6111.

At first i noticed X would lock up if i just started mozilla. Half the page would be rendered and a fine line with distorted pixels goes right though the text. X is completely locked up. I can however from ssh restart X, close it to get back into console.

I read on that NvAgp "1" could solve some of the "broken" chipsets. But that was not entirely true in my case. X would no longer lock up from using mozilla. But playing the ut2004 demo would lock up X after a few minutes.

I have tried both agpgart and nvagp. Both show the same problem. Any game will lock up after a few minutes.

Another weird thing i observed was that if i had modules agpgart and via_agp loaded and forced X to use NvAgp "1" games would run choppier but not lock up completely.

Any suggestions on what i can do to improve my system is appreciated.

My system logs are available at following url:
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