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Default Re: Which pixel clock rates are available ?

Yes, refresh speed is not as much of an issue with digital flat panel displays - accept as a "means" to have changes more quickly reflected on the display (e.g. in a gaming environment).

But, cable limitations are a problem. Custom mode lines, with reduced blanking intervals *are* used by some flat panel users. This is required, for example, if one attempts to drive one of the 1920x1200 flat panel displays using a single link DVI connection. The blanking interval must be reduced in order to lower the pixel clock into the range supported by the DVI standard (TMDS) and their driver chips.

My XFree86 log (attached) includes a section that starts with "Supported additional video mode". My guess is that this mode is somehow overriding my custom mode line ... But I am stumped as how to proceed further ...

Thanks, Scott.
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