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Default Re: Move your IRC channel...

I have tried it. I visit freenode from time to time and have been in your channel. I typically only visit freenode these days when i have some development questions with regards to some specific sourceforge projects (that seems to be the bulk of things on freenode). There's no one there compared to efnet, which has channels teeming with people. Like it or not, it makes sense to be there because that's the most popular network.

I can relate with you liking a certain network, but if what you're looking for is a strong irc presence with tons of hardware enthusiasts around, efnet is the place to be (like it or not).

And yeah... with regards to disconnects, whois "Karl" on efnet (that's me). I've been connected since 7/30. Over a week with no interruptions. Sorry, EFNET is hardly a "POS". Most of the servers hosted on efnet are hosted by backbone providers or extremely high-traffic-multiple-peer providers.
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