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Default Re: GeForce 6800 power supply questions

Read reviews and user comments about various ones. PcP&C( always get great reviews and good user comments. Same goes for OCZ technology psu's. Both of those two are basically the top line psu makers you can get. Others are good as well, jsut check around and read what ppl say. If you are looking for the best quality and most stable rails...choose OCZ or PcP&C. I like the OCZ cuz it has dedicated vga lines(2) that are shielded as well as sleaved. It has a dedicated sata line as well. Its already compliant for BTX and or mobo's that require a 24 pin connection(but the psu comes with a 24-20 pin adapter for use with most of todays mobo's) OCZ's also support and have a connection for PCI-express graphics cards. OCZ has adjustable rails as well without having to open the PSU up to adjsut the pots with led lights for each of the 3 rails to show you whether you have it set within range(up to 13+ for the +12 rail) for good overclocking and stuff.
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