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Default GeForce 6800 freeze during screen res changes

MSI GeForce 6800 GT
AMD Athlon XP 2200
512MB ram
ASUS a7v8x-x mboard
420w Powersupply

Windows XP Pro

After installing my new geforce I get lockups whenever changing screen resolution (or even refresh frequencies) in any game (Quake 1/2/3, Doom 3, Unreal 2k4, Warcraft 3, _any_ hardware accelerated game). I can change resolution from my windows desktop just fine, and launching games is fine, but whenever changing resolution during a game, and also when quitting a game (which changes the resolution back to windows' setting) crashes that game. I can usually ctrl+alt+del and recover windows, but this consistant crash is really freaking annoying. It's reproducable 100% of the time. I've tried MSI's branded drivers, and the stock Nvidia drivers (61.77 and 61.24). I'm using the default MSI clock settings (325/325 core 700 mem) but have also tried higher settings and absolute minimum settings. I've tried disabling fast writes in my bios and with riva tuner. I upgraded from another nvidia card so I don't have any ATI drivers laying around, but I've also tried uninstalling/reinstalling Nvidia's drivers fresh. The core temp is usually 49 C idle and 53 C under load. I have also tried using different power cables to the card and even a different power supply (a 350w). MSI seems to have no newer bios available.

Please help
Thank you!
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