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Arrow What would you rate Doom 3 on a scale of 1-10?

On a scale 1-10, what would you rate Doom III?

It has been an absolute blast for me, and I'm not even finished! There are a few minor annoyances here and there, but they are just that... minor. I think its a fantastic game and loads of fun. (Scary too) Reminds me so much of Half-Life... but thats not a bad thing.

I wish there was more variety in the demons, since I'm getting kinda sick of killing imp after imp, and the enemies are getting a little predictable in terms of where they will spawn/hide... etc. I am also still having trouble connecting to some multiplayer servers. I also wish there was more examples of the physics engine. Also anyone finding any use for the fists? I wish they werent there, its just 1 more weapon for me to scroll through. I mean, you can bash people with the flashlight, why on earth would you need fists?

My vote for GOTY so far. FarCry is great also, alot different, but honostly, I am just having more fun with doom3. Much more polished, and appeals to me more.

  • Great graphics
  • Amazing environment/atmosphere
  • Very scary at times
  • Very cool scripted sequences
  • Very well done demon models/NPC's
  • Fun weapons
  • Very impressive sound effects
  • Audio logs are interesting
  • Longer game than most nowadays
  • Lighting/shadows is remarkable and fits the games mood

  • Laggy and frustrating multiplayer
  • Out of the box no self shadow/feet
  • Sometimes a little too dark for my tastes
  • Super bouncy rubberball grenades
  • Repetitive enemies
  • Occasional predictable battle
  • Ocassional low res texture here or there
  • Few examples of physics engine
  • Some gun sounds could have a little more "oomph"
  • I want my Doom 3 on DVD!!!!

I give it a:
"9 - Amazing. Instant orgasm."

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