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Default Re: A message to administrators

Originally Posted by Pantherman
Thanks for the reply. Multiple threads on the same topic are inevitable. When a thread is closed it's not deleted, obviously. I appreciate the fact that the moderators want to keep the Forum clear of so amy threads on the same topic.

the mods do a heck of a lot of work behind the scenes

i know that a few forum sections have been cleaned up a little (single thread for similar discussion topics and the like)

it is inevitable as you say that multiple threads will begin for a certain topic...

if a topic has been active for a coupla days prior to a new thread being created it is best to close the newer thread and leave a redirect as the mods here tend to do... its messier merging because you have an active topic which is interjected with new posts that don't flow...

the search function is useful but I know a lot of people don't use it

I just click NEW posts as often as I can when I am logged on to see what I have missed and USUALLY I am up-to-date...
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