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Default Re: What would you rate Doom III on a scale 1-10?

I gave it a 7 (I don't think I have rated anything a perfect score be it classic movies or whatever )

-fairly good graphics
-environment looks excellent
-blood and gore effects on environment are class
-game looks really good @ speed (ie if you are not sitting still)
-good scalability (lower end gpu's can handle the game)
-decent sound
-nice character models (marine, NPC's, weapons, the like)

-flow of game (its not bad eventually but it gets repetitive)
-enemy AI (again it improves later but still predictable)
-some sounds are flat (ie footprints, some doors)
-too much half-life redux

on the whole its a decent game... and while some people complain about it I love the fade away effect of dead monsters is nice... only a coupla games have been able to carry off the rag-doll effects...
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