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Default Re: What would you rate Doom III on a scale 1-10?

i loved it. was a great time. quite honestly the 1st time i played (on 2nd run) i was on the edge of my seat good 95% of the time, the other 5% was when things did become somewhat predictable, but even then, having it (some sort of creature) stalk,scratch and make those freakish sounds still gave me chills. but i have to admit, on my 2nd run i figured it wouldnt freak me out or have the make me jump factor, i was wrong. i've been gaming for a good 20+ years, and never in my life have i jumped so high, i damn near rocked everything right off my desk. all i could do was burst out laughing.

i'm having a hard time finding any gripes really, i would have liked to have interacted with more "survivors". that, and i was hoping to run with a few other marines and maybe get into some firefights with them for a sequence or 2. and yes, sometimes it was so dark (2 or 3 times) that i couldnt see anything i was shooting at. it would have been cool if they made some hellish looking eyes glowing in the dark or something. other than those trivial things - excellent gaming experience.

rating: 9 orgasmically excellent

pros: well rounded game - graphics - sound - gameplay - atmosphere.
cons: tad predictable at times (then again what game isnt) - lack of character interaction (could have used a few females - too many bald guys) - no teaming up with surviving marines for a level or 2. - no pet bunny!

oh, and i thought those lil sentry "buddy" bots were totally cool! if you trailed off they would come look for you, with this "hey you follow me" kind of way about them. they actually had more personality than the humans, and i actually found myself more concerned with their survival then anything else. heh. although they were capable of taking care of anything in there path - it was kind of like having your "dog" run with ya.
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