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Default Re: A message to administrators

We don't need gun control. We need bullet control.
I think all bullet's should cost $5000. You know why?
Because if all bullets cost $5000, there wouldn't be any innocent bystanders.
Somebody would be like:
"Damn, man! That guy just popped $50,000 worth of bullets in that guys arse!"
"Yeah man. He MUST have done something to deserve that!"

And you know, if bullets cost $5000 dollars, we would reduce the crime rate by a buch.
A guy'd be like:
"Man, I'd blow your brains out...if I could afford it! I'm getting to get me a job, work up real hard, save for a few years, and then, you're dead! You better hope I can't get any bullets on layaway!"

Ok. Totally , but hey...
Funny story

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