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Default Re: What would you rate Doom 3 on a scale of 1-10?

have not finished the game.. but overall the game for me its great ,a must have . but my expectations were very high ,and thats were my dissapoitment comes.. if it were not for the graphics ,and the animations.. and that its an Idsoftware game (mean great Mod community support) i will not playing it.

. Graphics are excelent overall sometimes very very high and sometimes low. overall great.
. special effects ..dust ,many lighting effects awesome.
. character and enviroments animations (machines/elevators) stunning!!!! i cant wait to see what the mod community is going to so with Doom3 enviroment animations
. easy to navigate.. i really dislike game that you are stuck for days or weeks about how the hell to pass to the next level.
. good gameplay (when there is one) ,and non stop fragging.the game keep you always busy killing a monster..
. good interactivity with the enviroments.. (nothing above today standars) but still good.
. Many many variety in monters ,diferent clases , very detailed demons (problem is that they overuse the imps too much in the game.)
. Flash light kick ass/ Shotgun very nice/machinegun nice/grenades are the way they mean to be played.
. LEvel design is surpringly is refreshing. i though the game was going to be repetitive re-using the same graphics ,same textures through all the game. but how wrong i was.. i feel that with every new level im exploring a totally new place . the more i play it ,the more originall and good looking places i see.

. extremely dissapointing sounds.. the Sound music/design was dissapointing ,some weapons sounds are too weak. (pistol ,plasmagun,rocketlauncher)doesnt sound powerfull enough.. and the enviroments sounds dissapointed.. monster sound dissapointed really dont know how can anyone say anything great about DOom3 sounds/music. from 1-10.. i give it -10. because there are so many games outthere that are years ahead in the sound department.. RAinbowsix games/Medalof Honor and COD games/AMericanmagee alice /Giants citizen kabuto , heck so much hype for the Doom3 quality sounds and they are below last years standars in my opinion. QUake2 sounds were far better for me.
Sound/music used for the game seems pretty low for today standars ,Sounds quality is a diferent subject however.

. many ,many things that idsoftware were praising about DOom3 never made it in the game..

-where is the amazing breakable glass? all that i saw in doom3 in the glass departments is at the quality of the custon mods made for quake3 very dispointing because i was very excited for that and it was all BS .
btw.the particle system is amazing.. dont know what they guy above smoke.
-where is the mocap animated characters ?
-where are the very high quality models they used for trailers ?

other Cons are..
-poor multiplayer capabilities out of the box
-too few weapons...
-repetitive monters.
- predictable game play
-whats the purpose of the fists ? they added useless stuff in the game and removed the usefull ones
-where is the great interactivity of the physics engine? i was expecting wonders there of game play and barely the physics engine is used in the game. and left me a feeling of being still inmature .not not finished.

overall its amazing that a game with so many cons still is highly recommended to have. the game still is fun to play and you will enjoy it ..but the overhype was astronomical ,and many of the complains of people are because of features never delivered in the game. i give it an 8.5 from 10. if we take the past as measure of the sucess and longetivity of Idsoftware games ,then things will e much better from here. the saying that idsoftware should dedicate themselves to do only game engines is not entirely true.Doom3 is still fun to play ,however they need to learn a lot from other developers in the gameplay department. Interactivity with the enviroments is crucial to keep the gamers interested in playing the game. very few levels are great in the interactivity department (elevators/manipulation of machines) almost all others are deathmatch fragfest .

overall the game deserve to be in the list of 5 best 2004 games of the years. but until i see Hl2 and stalker in action ,there is no way to know. but the way it stand know overall i think Farcry deserve to be in the first place of game of the year ,since its offers far more gameplay and great graphics too.Doom3 should be a close runner up.

overall rating is 8.5 mostly because
the poor multiplayer that comes with the game out of the box..

is not scientific but here is in parts//

overal graphics .... 9
textures quality ....6
Lighting and special effects 9
creative level an innovation design ...10
Sound/music used to enhance the gameplay..... 4
gameplay .....8
enviroments interactivity 7
animations ....... 10
AI ....................... 7.5
multiplayer .......... 5
Mod community support ..9

single player games on top of my list in gameplay side alone are..
RUne ,Halflife1 , Giants and also AVP2 was very inmersive.. and more scary to me.. albeit graphics were not that good.

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