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Russ Kinter
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Default New Card Installation Problem

hi all,
Before I did the installation I uninstalled the Nvidia driver
by going to init 3 and nvidia-installer uninstall. It went
through the motions and everything seemed just fine.
I turn off the computer replaced the old card (NVidia Vanta)
with a new geforce2 MX 400 AGP DDR 64 MB card.
Installation "seemed" to go just fine. During startup
Yast came up and asked me to accept the new card.
after finishing the boot I went into init 3 again and
recompiled the kernel and reinstalled the driver.
then did sax2 -m 0=nvidia
The Nvidia splash screen came up with sax2
I pressed ok in sax2 everything going great.
I reboot and try out my new card and it worked great!

Now for the kicker: I shut down and turn off the computer.
I try to restart it today and nothing! Monitor displays zilch
even though green light on the computer indicates something
is going on inside the box. Any ideas?

Russ Kinter
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