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Default Re: What would you rate Doom 3 on a scale of 1-10?

Wow!!!! gonna make some changes to my early preview
the more i play this game the more im impressed.. i really suggest anyone to finish the game before any opinions about the game and specially the graphics department..

is not scientific but here is in parts//

overal graphics .... 9 (but sometimes can be as high as 10+ )
textures quality ....6 (but can be as high a 10)
Lighting and special effects 9 (same above)
creative level an innovation design ...10 ( same as aboive 10+)
Sound/music used to enhance the gameplay..... 4 (there is an improvement here 7)
gameplay .....8 (here it remains good above the average in games)
enviroments interactivity 7 (can be an 8 at times )
animations ....... 10
AI ....................... 7.5
multiplayer .......... 5 (this remains unchanged)
Mod community support ..9

all i can say.. wow.. averall rating is 8.9+
still multiplayer needs to improve if it were not for it ,im really sure the lower score Doom3 will get is 9.5 in any review.
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