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Default Re: Twinview TV-out on laptop

Xfree86 gives some errors that it can't use some of the resolutions on the flatpanel but lets ignore those for the moment as they might be caused by other stuff.

As you already noticed in the config file in case of twinview with a DFP and a TV, the TV becomes the primary display. Because of this the refresh rates in the monitor section need to become those of the TV (vrefresh 60, hsyn 30-50). Further you need also need to provide refresh rates for the DFP (or let the drivers do it).

To not confuse you too much I recommend to use the option HorizSync and VertRefresh. When you use those options the driver ignores the monitor section and further you don't have to use SecondMonitorVertRefresh. (just re-enable the lines)

Also it is a good idea to use the ConnectedMonitor line although it isn't really needed.

After this show the updated logfile.
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