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Default Re: Twinview TV-out on laptop

Originally Posted by Thunderbird
Xfree86 gives some errors that it can't use some of the resolutions on the flatpanel but lets ignore those for the moment as they might be caused by other stuff.

To not confuse you too much I recommend to use the option HorizSync and VertRefresh. When you use those options the driver ignores the monitor section and further you don't have to use SecondMonitorVertRefresh. (just re-enable the lines)
Okay, I messed around with the HorizSync and VertRefresh, no dice. Then I decided to change the resolution for the flatpanel to 1280x1024 (one of the ones that Xfree86 said it Could use) and for some reason that made both displays work. So what could be causing Xfree86 to only be able to use certain resolutions?

Thanks again.
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