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Matt Dralle
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Default Re: 1920x1200 mode with Quadro4...

Awesome! That worked perfectly!!!!

You know, NVidia really needs to do a better job with the configuration options. I spent most of a day trying to figure out all the options in the XF86Config.sample file and make it work with my dual Quadro4 with two 1920x1200 FPs. And I didn't acutally get it completely working until your post. I consider myself a very advanced Linux/Unix/Windows user/admin, and setting it up was just about out of my capabilities. There is no-way a "normal" use could ever figure any of that out.

The other thing that really caused me no-end of heartache was the fact that the default NVidia driver that comes with even the current version of Redhat Linux WS doesn't correctly support video cards with DVI output! This has *got* to get fixed. The system boots up and then the screens just go blank!

The new nvidia-settings X-based control panel is cool, but frankly, its not much use until you can get the basics working correctly. A really user friendly GUI to modify and configure the XF86Config file is badly needed (with support for all the myrid of options that are avaialble like the monitor resolution). This is a CS1A project for somebody, how come it hasn't been done yet?

Thanks again for the help on the resolution!!

Matt Dralle
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