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Default Re: What would you rate Doom 3 on a scale of 1-10?

Well I gave it a 7 on your scale. Your ten seems a little more like an 11 on a 10 point scale.

Overall I think the game deserves a B (8). The lighting looks great and the ambient sounds add a lot of atmosphere. I liked the interactive computer consoles which I think added alot to the imersivness.

On the other hand the game doesn't do anything really new or drastically inovative, you basically shoot everything that moves. If you did shoot one of the, maybe 4 total (excluding the begining), normal people you only lost access to a couple boxes of ammo (and the early access to the BFG). Also the predictability of the monsters kind of drains the suspence after a while (It doesn't take a genius to spot where those spiders are going to come from).

I don't think the game deserves an A (9-10), but in the end it's a game that's worth playing through. It's fun, which is the most important, and will leave more than a few good memories with me for years to come.
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