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Default Re: How to set refresh rate

Originally Posted by MillTek
On a Debian distro of Linux I have a PNY FX5200 dual head video card. I run two Viewsonic monitors. They aren't the same model (GS790- and PF790) and at the size I use, 1280x1024 a good refresh rate would be 90Hz. The system always sets it to 85Hz and I would like to alter that. Is therere a way to set the Vert refresh rate used?? I'm running 6106 Nvidia drivers by the way.

I'll post extracts from my config files if needed.


First is your monitor 19" and support 1280x1024@90Hz? I don't know what your models are.

The Xserver video driver always sets to 85Hz for 1280x1024 because it is the standard VESA modes. It gets it from the monitor. If you want non-standard modes then you need to specify modelines in your XF86Config or xorg.conf. There are couple of modeline caculators on the web and here is one
I just recently used it and i get 90Hz!
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