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Default Re: 6111 still locks up ut2003

Originally Posted by how
really? what spec do you run your UT2003? I have AMD 1800+, SIS 735 AGP. Fedora 2. winfast fx5700. my log files looks fine. install driver using nVidia installer.
Just tested, I can run UT2003 in 1280x1024 with:
32 bit Debian testing/unstable, AMD64 3200+/ ASUS K8V SE Deluxe/ 1 Gbyte/nVidia 61.06. (most of the time I did run UT2003 on my old Pentium III).
I don't use any LD_PRELOAD stuff etc. just start up the game, and it runs for hours .. and hours .. until I quit the game.
But since I have installed UT2004 ...

Eh, is it only UT2003 which locks up your machine ?
Have you tried other games or checking your memory with memtest86+ ?
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