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Default Re: Clay's Review of the BFG 6800 Ultra OC

Originally Posted by mus42
Just posted about this in another thread - I've tried two of these cards and both have caused massive screen corruption, lock-ups and random re-boots on my PC - sending thm back for a refund.

Maybe I've been unlucky but two out of two doesn't fill me with confidence.

Based in the U.K. (if that makes any difference?)

I read your post in the other thread. Why did you bother repeating yourself here? Not sure if you're new to forums or not but your initial post kinda smells of FUD. There will always be some people that have some problems. Those posts always attract attention but they are the minority. I'm confident that you'll find many more happy 6800 series customers than not, or have you not read the overwhelming positive posts?
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