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Default Re: Clay's Review of the BFG 6800 Ultra OC

Originally Posted by mus42
Not sure what FUD means but I posted twice because it seemed relevant. Similar issues to the fellow Brit and after your rave review I figured it was only fair to mention my experiences of the same card. Oh and yes I'm new around here, what's the relevance of that?

I agree there are a lot of positive comments on the Geforce 6800's but I've also read an equal amount of negative comments. A lot of people seemingly having to make some drastic changes to the cards to get them working properly.

As I said in my post - My Geforce 5900 Ultra worked straight out of the box and has ever since I bought it. I can't say the same thing about the BFG's. I'm not happy they don't as I was really looking forward to playing Doom 3 on Friday with the 6800 ultra.
FUD is short for "fear uncertainty and doubt". In other words, it is not uncommon at all for some people to spread FUD for questionable reasons. Again, your posts just appeared like this to me. If you are being sincere then I do apologize. The relevance to someone being new to online forums or not helps moderators to know how familiar someone is (or not) with how things basically work/are discussed/etc. For example, it is not considered proper netiquette to make basically the same post across multiple threads, or to start multiple threads on the same topic in different forums, etc...all that does is cause more work for the moderators. So, that's why I was asking.

Well I'd have to respectfully disagree with you on your claim that there are equal numbers of unhappy 6800 owners with problematic cards. The vast majority of customers are very happy with their purchase. I maintain that those with problems are in the minority. Problematic cards are a possibility but I doubt that it has anything to do with the cards being shipped to the UK.

Have you contacted BFG's technical support regarding your problems? Have you followed the requisite power supply requirements for your 6800 Ultras? Also, I was wondering why you have two Ultras or have you already returned one and are now having problems with the second? Thanks.
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