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Default Re: GeForce 6800 and random freezes

Just thought I'd share some of my experiences.
I have a BFG 6800 GT which out of the box is clocked at 370/1000.
When I installed it, my gpu temp was around 58 degrees. I used Coolbits 2 to overclock my 3D speeds to 425/1100 and to underclock my 2D speeds to 300/1100 to save me some heat.
For some reason, as soon as I applied this my temps jumped to 74 degrees just surfing the net. When I changed my 3D settings back to 370/1000, the temperature dropped to normal again.
I set my clock speed with rivatuner to the same (2D 300/1100, 3D 425/1100) and everything is fine now (59 in windows, 86 in games)!!!

I have had the freeze only twice in games, both times my GPU temp was over 100 degrees (possibly the hottest day here, room temp was 34!!!).

I had the freeze once in windows!!! where according to rivatuner my gpu clock went from the windows 2D 300 up to the 3D mode 425 just for a few seconds. No idea why, I was just surfing... but I wonder if there is a delay as it changes clock speeds... which would also occur if it starts to throttle maybe.

Also, maybe that is why some people are having better luck setting 2D and 3D speeds the same cause they are avoiding this change over in clock speed.
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