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Default Re: 1.0-6111 for Linux X86-32 Released

Originally Posted by champi
When you run "make mrproper", you need to backup the .config file, as it's getting erased when you do that.
But if you restore it after running "make mrproper", you juste get the same error as before
I have found a solution to this at:

If you run into a compilation error that asks you to run 'make mrproper' in your kernel source tree DO NOT DO SO.
Simply rerun the driver installer with the '--add-this-kernel' option (i.e. # ./ --add-this-kernel). This will repackage the installer as a new file named ''.

Then run the custom installer (i.e. './') and it will successfully build and install the driver.
The driver package as distributed supports kernerl 2.6.3-7mdk and 2.6.3-13mdk, but not 2.6.3-15mdk.
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