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Default Re: Disappointments in doom 3

- Does anyone other than me remember “exact pixel damage skins” ? It seems that feature didn’t make it. Doom 3 version 0.02 alpha, or what ever it was, had them.

Whats that? for me the zombies get injured in the exact part that I shoot them if thats what you mean.

- Another feature I don’t think made in into the game is “per polygon damage” (not 100% sure on this one)

Its still there, though it doesn't seem to matter if you shoot a zombie in the torso or the arm, he will still die if you shoot him enough times.

- Another feature that was promised and never happened was a sound track by Trent Reznor

We all knew he pulled out 2 years ago.

- Marks on walls are off by default, and when they are turned on you get big ugly blotches. Couldn’t they have made proper bullet decals? Rather then make them pretty they just disabled marks on walls by default.

Marks on walls were on by default on my machine. Some bumped and specular bullet holes would be nice though.

- Multiplayer portion of the game seems very neglected. The filters on the in game server scanner don’t even work. Like couldn’t someone notice that bug during testing? I think so. Who gives a poop ship the game! It’s single player focused anyway right?

Yeah the MP is weak, Id added it because the community nagged for it, not because they wanted to.

- I wish some of the bodies would stay behind, so you could keep dismembering them, and making a big bloody mess. Something you could do in the alpha.

Theres a console command for that. And your framerate gradually slows the more and more bodies pile up (which is why they switched it off by default),

- Scripting is too canned. During that bio scan in the beginning of the game even if you aren’t standing on the red squares you still pass your bio scan, and even if you aren’t moving he tells you to hold still.

I noticed that I jumped around, crouched, did a little dance, it doesn't matter .

- some stuff seems “borrow” from games like half-life. What about those health dispensers heh?

The game has a LOT of simularities with half-life. The whole research facility opens a portal to another dimension and aliens come through and kill everyone thing. The animated corpses with face hugger things on them in Half-life are they equivalent of the zombies in Doom 3. The guy in the suit in Half-life who always seems to be one step ahead of you, is paralleled by councilor Swan in D3.

- There is no ultra shadow as of yet

There's a console command for that, r_usedepthboundstest or something like it.

- I have only played it for two or three hours so far and have already experienced the flash light bug.

I never had a problem with that, its probably an issue with specific drivers.

- Lots of people have been saying this one but I’m going to say it again. Why can’t a competent marine carry a gun and flashlight at the same time?

Because (lots of people have been saying this one but I'm going to say it again) it would ruin the atmosphere in the game. Its odd that people complain of it being unrealistic that the character can't tape a light to a shotgun, but nobody has issue with the fact that he can carry 10 different weapons in his pocket. BTW, there is already a mod out that attaches a light to the pistol if you are so inclined.

- It’s hard to make things not too dark, or not blow out the colors, and get hot spots.

change the gamma and not the brightness. set r_gamma to 1.2 in your config.

- some of the textures are rather low quality

Unavoidable unless you wanted the game to require a 500 meg graphics card.

- Interacting with things in your world seems very limited. Even in half-life you could get a can of pop from the pop machines. But it’s not so in doom3. I was also hopping the turkey puncher game was actually a game within a game. Maybe an old version of doom you could stand there and play in doom 3. wouldn’t that have been cool?

That would have been cool yes. I was also let down that I couldn't use the bathroom. I also thought it would be cool if there was a scene with a zombie in the shower, you could then flush the toilet lots of times to make the water really hot and kill the zombie. BTW, someone should write an Atari 2600 emulator for the Doom 3 arcade machine, that would be cool.

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