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Default Re: Disappointments in doom 3

The lack of a weapon with a flashlight annoys me, if that company makes the most advanced technology ever made surely they can stick a light on a gun
Whats the point of all this realistic lighting, realistic physics, ragdoll physics, and bla de f*cking bla, if you can't walk down a frigging dark corridor holding a torch in one hand and a gun in the other ?
To me, THAT would be more realistic, AND scary, than just bumbling around in the friggin dark.
And why is it so darn dark ?

Christ, it would be 100x more damn scary if I was walking down a fully lit corridor, holding a gun and a tracking device, (ala, Aliens), than it ever would be in Doom 3.

Also, they spot you regardless of whether you have your torch on or off. I stood still in the dark for a while, then couldn't believe my eyes when they not only found me, but shot and killed me as well. Do they all have built in nightvision ?
And whats the point of all these wonderful graphics, if you ain't going to see them anyway ? Or do some of you just shine your torch on every pixel on the screen ?

No wonder it runs on lower-end hardware, There's sweet FA to render, lol. It just renders BLACK !!
Sort of like,
"Hey guys I got Doom3 to run on my P2 233MMX and Voodoo 1"
"But it's all just black"
"Exactly, brilliant ain't it ?"

I'm sorry, but Doom 3 has nothing on Farcry, and I didn't think much of Farcry.
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