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Default Re: 32-bit games on 64-bit Linux - OK now?

Well my "wish list" for things I want to work under 64-bit looks like this:
  • Quake 1
  • Quake 2
  • Quake 3
  • Malice (Q1 TC)
  • UT
  • UT2k3
  • Duke3D
  • Wolf3d
  • RTCW
  • ET
  • NWN
  • Civ:CTP
  • foobillard
  • DooM Legacy

So I'm curious, I understand that if I run a 32-bit game like some of those above it will pick the 32-bit GL libs, but do those get installed as part of the FC2/64 install or do I have to find them from somewhere and install separately?
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