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Default Re: Disappointments in doom 3

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL
I still dont understand the flashlight crap. The game plays fine the way it is.

What is the problem with not being able to use a flashlight with a gun? It isnt that unrealistic... there isnt any tape anywhere and only a moron would hold a flashlight on the forend of a sawed off 12 gauge.. not only is it friggin hard to hold a large object against the gun while shooting (has anyone ever shot a 12 gauge? you need to hold on to the forend tightly, imagine a smaller barrel on it, and no stock... you reeaaally need to hold it tight)... but HOW THE HELL WOULD HE PUMP THE FREAKIN THING WITH A FLASHLIGHT IN YOUR HAND?? And how about reloading? Youd have to stick the flashlight in your pocket before reloading, then take it back out then hold the gun again. Same goes for most guns. I doubt they planned on using the plasma gun, BFG, chaingun and machinegun in their own damned research facility, so they left off the flashlight mounts... or maybe you can get mounts from cabelas, see if you can get online at UAC and have them send you flashlight mounts for a chaingun
With a detachment of Marines on the base you would think they would properly outfit them. I have a hard time believing that if they can set up a base on mars they won't have torches on their weapons
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