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Default Re: Disappointments in doom 3

Yeah that is too bad. Personally I wasn't expecting much in the gameplay department because, let's face it, id's never delivered much. I just wanted to run around blasting dynamically-lit demons from hell, and that's what I got. I really don't play a lot of single player FPS's anymore either since Deus Ex ruined video games for me several years ago*. I do still play Doom 1 and 2 a lot with the ZDoom source mod, and they're still a blast. I guess the last really complex single player shooter I played was Half-Life, which I loved. Anyway, since it was just a bunch of crappy knock-offs and multiplayer games since then, I thought Doom 3 was a breath of fresh air (I'm a fan of single player FPS's). So complaining about having to switch between your gun and flashlight for the first few levels seems kinda silly to me, but hey, like vampireuk said, that's your view on it. I just hope you all learn from this and don't start freaking out about Half-Life 2, because it very well could have just as many little tiny faults that will be more noticable because of your monumental expectations. Just try to have fun with what you get, it's not that hard.

I don't want to hear about Far Cry anymore. I haven't seen a more overrated game than that since Halo. Yes, it has a different setting which is green, blue, and bright. Yes, it uses some nice-looking DirectX 9.0 features. Hell, I love the missions. It's awesome how you can approach them any number of ways. However:

-The story sucks. It's terrible, don't try to deny it.
-The actual game engine, aside from the pixel shaders and draw distance, is not revolutionary or impressive when compared to others (especially the Unreal 2 engine), INCLUDING the lighting.
-It runs like crap on all but the highest-end machines.

So come on, let's be reasonable. No more Far Cry comparisons.

*In my opinion, Deus Ex is the best video game ever made, and nothing has come close to its excellence since it was released.
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