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Default FX5700 glxgears ~950 FPS

I have an FX5700 card (Leadtek A360 TDH) and, after a lot of headache, I finally managed to get the driver to load properly and X to start.

/proc/driver/nvidia/agp/status reports that AGP is at 8x, and SBA is enabled.

Unfortunately glxgears reports the framerate to be in the region of 900-975
FPS. That can't be right, surely? Thats almost as slow as my old GeForce2.

glxgears -info reports that the correct version of GL is being used.

Info about my system:

nVidia driver version 61.11
32-bit Athlon processor
Leadtek A360TDH (FX 5700)
nForce2 based motherboad (GA-7N400E-L)
2.6.7 kernel (no-agpgart, 8k stacks) server
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