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Default Re: Disappointments in doom 3

Originally Posted by DaveW

Unavoidable unless you wanted the game to require a 500 meg graphics card.
Its really not. doom3 uses an amazingly low amount of texture memory for what it does. Becuase the High quality runs great on a 128mb card, and they are not even compressing textures! If they used a little compression, mixed with high resolution textures, we would have the same fps we have now. Not to mention its forcing 8xAF. The low quality textures is just a result of the game taking far too long then they expected. They are definetely not gonna go back and redo the textures everytime a new generation of video cards come out. I think they the conversation went a little like this like this:

(Team id) Holy ****! Look at how fast the 5950 renders doom3! lets bump up the graphics a little for those guys.
(carmack) Sure, just allow High quality to force 8x AF so it looks better to the noobs who dont know what AF is.

1 year later....

(Team id) Holy ****!!! the 6800U runs the game and insane fps! What will we do for these guys?
(carmack) Screw it! Make an Ultra setting that disables all texture compression, and lighting compression!!!! We dont have time to redo our games biggest graphical flaw... textures.
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