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Default Re: Disappointments in doom 3

lol, you guys are funny... someone gives you a dodge viper and you get in and say "well, i don't like the fact it's an automatic transmission, any competant racer will be able to shift gears on their own" "and the gas mileage sucks really bad, along with the speed in which tires deteriorate" "oh, but i wont mention how damn smooth it looks, and how it rips all other cars a new asshole"

common guys, we all know that d3 has flaws, and it sucks; but damn, have you seen the lighting? no other game has even a fraction of how good the lighting is, same thing goes for specular/bumpmaps. also the sound is ****ing incredible; much better than any other game i've ever played (i guess you'd have to have surround sound to really appreciate that though).

if a french ***** was sucking your dick i'm sure you'd find something wrong with her methods; just enjoy it for ****s sake.
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