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Default 1.0-6111 Linux: Cannot load module after compile

If the installer fails to load the module after a sucessful compile on a 2.4.x x86-32 system using devfs, the error may be correctable manually.

In the log, (/var/log/nvidia-installer.log), you may see the following error message after trying to compile your own 6111 driver:

init_module: Cannot allocate memory

This error confuses the installer into thinking that the module did not compile correctly. Try manually deleting the /dev/nvidia* devices via:

rm -f /dev/nvidia*

then rerunning the installer. The module should load properly then.

The error return code set in nv.c on line 1109 is -ENOMEM when the devfs_mk_cdev fails on 2.4.x kernels. This return code causes insmod to fail correctly but print the wrong error.

This problem was seen on Santa Fe Linux CTR1, a debian based distribution.

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