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Default Re: Disappointments in doom 3

Originally Posted by Ninjaman09
So? There isn't a single game out right now that doesn't have low resolution textures at some point. Hell, Far Cry's outdoor terrain textures are about as low-res as you can get (detail textures don't count as "high-res"). Just look at a mountain slope from a couple hundred yards away, if it isn't covered with tree sprites.
From a couple hundred yards away compared to the two feet in front of my face in Doom 3 (when you can see them at all).

As you said yourself, you are disappointed because your expectations were unrealistically high. This happens every single time a highly-anticipated game is released, yet no one ever learns to stop reading every single preview article and to stop looking at every pre-release screenshot. Just don't blame the game because you ruined it for yourself. Doom 3 was delivered to us as promised, and then some.
As Vash on this forum will tell you, I had essentially cut myself off from all things Doom 3 for the last several months. I went in with a fresh mind for it, eagerly awaiting something that could engage me like the original game in the series.

Keep in mind, the people who are saying Doom 3 sucks are in the minority. A lot of us here think quite the opposite. It's very good, but not great. It's not what I would call a watershed moment that will signal the rebirth of gaming on the PC (which has faltered over the last couple years).

Is Doom 3 worth owning and playing? No question about it. Does it have some revolutionary features? You betcha. Should you buy into all the hype? Heck no because you will be disappointed.
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