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Default Re: Disappointments in doom 3

I have to say to the guys that say that the sound in D3 is absolutely amazing you're way off. Yes, its very atmospheric and it uses surround sound quite well, but its not amazing.

For starters, the samples are very low quality. Just listen to the main theme. Its horrible. I don't mean the tune, I mean the actual quality. Compare the one in the game to the one released before the game was released.

Secondly, EAX is not great I know, but at least it tries to do something. As someone stated, a gun shot in a wide room sounds exactly the same as one shot in a tiny corridor. There's no Doppler effects. The footsteps don't alter depending on what surface he is walking (which doesn't change much I know)...

There are games that are leagues ahead of D3 in the sound department technically already. Whether it be its surround processing, its accuracy or its quality. Need For Speed Underground is higher quality. FarCry and UT2K4 are more accurate.

Sound in games like this should be about realism. D3 does a good job of making you think someone is behind you all the time. However, it doesn't make you feel like you are really firing a gun at someone. It doesn't really make you feel like you are being hurt. It doesn't really make you feel like you are in the environment you are in. It doesn't make you feel like the monsters are being destroyed.

Having said that, I can't think of any game that really does, which to me says a lot about the graphics junkie mentality of the games industry. Its got better but obviously not good enough.

Games with better sound than D3 (technically), that I can think of just looking through my collection of PC Games (not even counting PS2 and XBox offerings):

Colin McRae 04
NFS: Underground
Raven Shield
Splinter Cell: PT
UT 2K4
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