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Default Re: Disappointments in doom 3

Well one possibility with the flashlight is the marine you play doesn't have a helmet, maybe the standard issue helmets in the year 2145 have infared/nightvision built in, who needs a flash light when you've got that? Anyways I agree with the others, it wasn't put on any of the guns to add a level of fear to the game, not knowing what lurks in the shadows when you can hear the growls of an imp near by.

edit Oh and to those who think that D3 borrowed from the whole HL/Scientists mess with something they can't control thing I believe Doom3 kept true to the Doom1/Doom2 story, UAC was there and obviously the portal to hell was opened some how, it just wasn't really clarified in the game like iD chose to with doom3. Read some of the Doom books, I'm sure they a similar story line.
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