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Well I finally got my wireless Edimensional 3D glasses today and went ahead and installed the the 61.76 stereo drivers after going back to the 61.76 display drivers (apparently they both need to match to make it work)

Games I tested on my 6800 Ultra were Call of Duty, Painkiller, and UT2K4 all running at 1280x960. Far Cry is a bigger performance killer but I was able to lay it at 1024x768 which is still on par with HDTV levels. Since the video card has to basically render two frames at once this takes a big bite out of video card performance but the 6800 Ultra is still playable at the resolutions I tested at. Having a high refresh rate on my Mitsubishi 2070SB also keeps me from getting a headache. I have to say this makes these games feel new again and is something that has to be seen in action to be appreciated.

Unfortunately Doom 3 has lighting issued in 3D as everything is dark, even with the lights on on my 6800 Ultra. Apparently this is a NV40 issue and I hope there will be a driver fix for it later.

Now I may go and install some older titles like Alice, Undying, and maybe try out Dark Age of Camelot with it.

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