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Default Re: Disappointments in doom 3

I don't know about delaying the game, but I would definitely rethink some of the design aspects. First let me list some of the issues I have with the game as a gamer. It's damn dark, way too dark. Flashlight helps, but there are instances where it's even too dark to aim and shoot. It's one thing when the imp ignites his fireball and lights up the area, but killing a marine in the same environment is next to impossible without taking unnecessary damage. Another issue I have is with monsters spawning behind me, and some of the trap doors. Once again you are forced into situations where you must take damage, and that is cheap IMO. If you really want to scare people, make it dynamic, at least some sort of scripts in rotation. Forcing a player to take damage, or killing him, just so he can reload and avoid the whole spawn/ trap ambush is poor design IMO.

I finished the game, and frankly I was really bored towards the end. Sure delta labs looks cool, but I don't need to play through it two times. Most of the game takes place in the same, or very similar environment. Which reminds me of Halo... Enemy spawns become very predictable, so do traps. The only reason I even played the last few levels is because I wanted to see the damned boss. And with all due respect, he was pretty cool.

Things I would have done differently, well flashlight for one. Duck-tape mod anyone? IMO that was a great idea. A tight beam, for all if not most weapons. I don't know if its technically possible, but perhaps even a beam that dissipates over distance. Say 6-10 feet, and it's pitch black again. Bottom line is that it doesn't need to be dark to be scarry.

Load-out. Futuristic research facility, there should be TONS of weapons. Halo approach would have been much better, choose and pick, but 2-3 weapons tops. You find a new locker, you change your load-out, etc.
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