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Default Re: Disappointments in doom 3

Originally Posted by D.K.Tronics
I completely agree with that, and was thinking the same thing. Sort of similar to the infra-red goggles in Farcry, in that they run down in a few seconds, then charge back up again.
Imagine the tension then, far greater than just bumbling around in complete darkness.
You enter a new room, hear a load of scary sounds, and suddenly your torch starts to flicker, then off. And you then have to wait for a few seconds to charge back up. Surely, thats a lot more tense than keep swapping between torch and gun ?

And pretty much everything Fatman said, I agree with.
You'd be dead by the time it got recharged....

Plus, anytime you have to wait for anything in a video game it is annoying. The way id set up the lighting situation, you have control over when you get the light and when you don't, but you have to make a choice. How many times would it take you getting killed while waiting for your stupid flashlight to charge back up before you were on this forum asking for a flashlight that actually had real batteries? I personally think that for what they were trying to do they did it well. Just bind the flashlight to a key you can hit quickly (I personally use the right shift key), and you can bounce back and forth between the flashlight and your weapon very quickly.
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