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Default Re: 3-D Stereo Gaming Bliss

I have had those same glasses for a little over a year now, and I love them. A lot of games mix 2d and 3d items and they don't play well with stereo, but a lot of games are simply incredible. Take Motocross madness 2. Perfect in Stereo, with surround sound and a forcefeedback joystick. My friends go "whoa!" and start to get out of their chair when coming down off of a big jump, bracing for impact. Totally funny to watch. MW4 is incredible too.

Games that are very dark, like Doom3, will suffer as there is a lot of ghosting, double images. AvP suffers as well.

I would say that 100hz refresh is the minimum for comfortable play. My monitor only supports 100hz at 1024x768, so I am stuck at that res. Any higher and the flicker is noticable.

Love my glasses though. Can't wait for my 6800U!
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