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Default Re: Disappointments in doom 3

-- Didn't they say if you shoot out every light you'd be in darkness, but I find you can't do that since you can't shoot out 99% of the lights.

-- The physics seem pathetic in the interaction. You shoot a light to make it swing, looks good, but a second later it pops with a jult back to a still postion, some in different areas don't even swing. Also, There were a bunch of barrels next to a red one. I shot the red to explode and the other barrels didn't even move, yet you can push them with physics.

-- Again with the physics, a wire moves and dangles like some ghost hit it, so you find you can shoot it and make it move too, but the wire next to it don't move. Or a you shoot can of soda, but the paper lunch bag doesn't budge.

-- You can shoot a human in the toes and he dies, what's up with that. I mean SOF they'd probably hop around screaming.

-- Why does it take to shots from a gun to blow up a barrel, yet it only takes one fist punch to explode it, and why the hell does that cause the barrel to explode.
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