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Default Stability problems with 6800 Ultra w/ nforce2 chipset?


I just upgraded from a Ti4600 to a 6800 ultra. The machine ran fine with the Ti4600; aside from some issues with twin view. Now that I've upgraded to the 6800 Ultra, the machine is not stable. I'm using the same linux-ia32 driver (6111) as with the old card.

Is anyone else having problems like this with 6800 ultras?

I've got a 550W Antec True Power power supply, and two separate rails connected to the GF6800. The motherboard is an Epox 8rda+ with an Athlon XP 2700 cpu. I've disabled agp 8x and disabled APIC in the bios menus. The OS is Mandrake 10.0, and the operating temperaturs (read from the nvidia-settings) are: Core temperature: 76, Ambient: 54.

Any info would be appreciated!

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