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Default Re: No Innovation in First Person Shooters

never played commander keen... but i thought quake 3 was a dark game... had all the skulls, demons, lava, etc...

maybe "dark" was a poor word...doom, doom2, quake, quake 2, quake 3, doom 3...they all seem related...all have the sci fi monster/hell stuff going on...

i guess i was referring to the theme of their games...most of ID's games are similar in that respect...which isn't bad...but i'd like to see them try something completely different

now doom 3 really got me because i was totally immersed in the environment...i've never played a game where i was always on edge all the time...

EDIT below>
undying...there's another one...

at one point the games I (we) are calling cliche were once innovative...remember when medal of honor allied assault came out? it was pretty spectacular because it was the first WW2 game with that cinematic feel... quake 3 and unreal tournament were innovative because they were the first multiplayer games that took hold... half life was the first game that i felt really attached to the all seemed cohesive...the story was worthless if you ask me, but the gameworld and gameplay was phenomenal at the was really a giant leap forward in terms of gameplay...

Stalker looks promising but it's still got that "gray" feel to it...the unreal 3 game screenshots look interesting...
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